What Means Iterate?

What are the 2 types of iteration?

There are two types of iteration: Count-controlled loops – used for iterating steps a specific number of times.

It is used when the number of iterations to take place is already known..

What is another name for iteration?

iteration. Synonyms: repetition, reiteration, harping, recurrence, succession.

What is an iteration in coding?

What is iteration? An explanation of iteration, as used in algorithms and programming. Transcript. Algorithms consist of steps that are carried out (performed) one after another. Sometimes an algorithm needs to repeat certain steps until told to stop or until a particular condition has been met.

How do you use iterate in a sentence?

Iterate in a Sentence 🔉I will iterate our policy over and over to be perfectly clear. … We needed to iterate the process multiple times to pass the test. … Jessica ought not have to iterate herself just to be heard. … The requirements are to iterate the procedure 10 times in succession.More items…

What is iterate?

To iterate is to repeat, as in to say or perform something again. … People often iterate a point, by repeating, they hope others will understand it better. Politicians often iterate key points. The word reiterate is more familiar, and means something very similar — to repeat something for emphasis.

What is an example of an iteration?

Recall this definition: Iteration is when the same procedure is repeated multiple times. Some examples were long division, the Fibonacci numbers, prime numbers, and the calculator game.

How do you spell iterate?

verb (used with object), it·er·at·ed, it·er·at·ing. to do (something) over again or repeatedly. to utter again or repeatedly.

Is iteratively a word?

adj. 1. repeating; making repetition; repetitious.

What is the first iteration?

For these purposes, an iteration is defined the repetition of the match process. The initial cycle is the 1st iteration. A repetition of the cycle becomes the 2nd iteration. … The second iteration comprises the unfilled positions that are left over from the first iteration.

What is an iterative process?

The iterative process is simply a series of steps that you repeat, tweaking and improving your product with each cycle. In practical terms, think of it as practice to make your product perfect.

What is an iterate in math?

Iteration is the repeated application of a function or process in which the output of each step is used as the input for the next iteration. Any function that has the same type of mathematical object for both its argument and result can be iterated. …

What is the purpose of an iterator?

The primary purpose of an iterator is to allow a user to process every element of a container while isolating the user from the internal structure of the container. This allows the container to store elements in any manner it wishes while allowing the user to treat it as if it were a simple sequence or list.

How do you use iterate?

Iterate sentence examplesYou need to iterate, shift and evolve your initial product until it resonates with customers. … iterate the game. … No matter how fast you iterate, it takes time to get the product right. … Agility counts, and a smaller developmental team can adjust and iterate faster than a large one. … iterate through the list.More items…

What’s the difference between iterate and reiterate?

Iterate and reiterate are synonymous meaning “to repeat or do over again.” Both words have Latin origins so this is not a case of over-correction in English. In usage however, you will mostly see “reiterate” meaning “to repeat” and the noun form of “iterate,” “iteration,” meaning “version.”

Does iteration mean version?

The definition of iteration is a new version of computer software, or the repetition of some word or process. Version 2.0 of a piece of computer software is an example of a new iteration. A scientific test process repeated for a second time is an example of a second iteration.