What Does It Mean To Protect Someone?

What does protecting someone mean?

To protect someone or something means to prevent them from being harmed or damaged..

What is it called when you protect someone?

safeguard. noun. a law, rule, plan etc that protects someone or something from harm or problems.

What is the meaning of Protext?

noun. Text which precedes; especially text which provides the context for a passage that follows.

What does it mean to keep someone?

order by. 16. For a man to “keep” a woman, or for a woman to “keep” a man, means that they are having an illicit romantic relationship and the person doing the “keeping” is paying all the bills.

What’s another word for protecting?

Some common synonyms of protect are defend, guard, safeguard, and shield.

What does it mean to defend your honor?

1 to protect (a person, place, etc.) from harm or danger; ward off an attack on. 2 tr to support in the face of criticism, esp. by argument or evidence. 3 to represent (a defendant) in court in a civil or criminal action.

What do you mean when you keep something for another day?

keep (something) for another time/day/week/etc. To reserve or save something for some future point or event. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to do the hang-gliding—I guess we’ll just have to keep it for another day.

How do you describe protection?

Protection refers to keeping something or someone safe. Through protection, we shelter and defend things. Since protecting is to shelter from harm, protection is the act of doing so. Children are under the protection of their parents, who keep them safe.

What’s keeping you up meaning?

It means: to prevent someone from going to bed or sleeping. ( according to Cambridge dictionary) Simply, if we are to rephrase your question, it may look like (What’s preventing you from going to bed?). It means: to prevent someone from going to bed or sleeping. (

What is a synonym for store?

Synonyms forstock.cache.mine.plethora.reservoir.spring.treasure.wealth.

What is the opposite word of protection?

What is the opposite of protection?antagonismattackdiscouragementharmhindrancehumilityhurtinjurymodestyobstruction3 more rows

What word rhymes with Protect?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriesrespect100Nouncorrect100Adjective, Verbexpect100Verbaffect100Verb96 more rows

What are things that protect you?

7 Items That You Can Use to Protect YourselfCredit Card Knife. Credit card knife is, as you can conclude by its name, an advanced utility blade that has the same shape as an ATM card. … Pepper Spray. Pepper spray is one of the most popular self-defense items. … Tactical Pen. … Lipstick Stun Gun. … Personal Alarm. … Tactical Knife. … Self-Defense Flashlight.

What do you call a person who saves money?

A person who lives simply and economically can be called frugal.

What is an example of protection?

Protection is a person or thing that shields from danger, pain or discomfort, or money paid to avoid violence or prosecution. An example of protection is an umbrella to stand under during a rainstorm. An example of protection is money paid by a shopowner to the mob to avoid violence.

What is an antonym for Protect?

protect. Antonyms: betray, endanger, imperil, abandon, expose. Synonyms: defend, fortify, guard, shield, preserve, cover, secure, save, vindicate.