Quick Answer: What’S Another Word For Comforting?

What’s the opposite of soothing?

stimulating, stressful, worrisome, rude, intense, roughened, oppressive, pitiless, galling, uncomfortable, annoying, exquisite, violent, tyrannical, forceful, unreassuring, invigorating, forcible, vexatious, exasperating, frustrating, rugged, energizing, aggravating, tiresome, scathing, disturbing, strong, maddening, ….

What is another word for gentle?

SYNONYMS FOR gentle 1 clement, peaceful, pacific, soothing; tender, humane, lenient, merciful. 3 temperate. 5 noble. 7 manageable, docile, tame, quiet.

What is another word for soothing?

SYNONYMS FOR soothe 2 alleviate, appease, mollify.

What does comforting mean?

adjective. If you say that something is comforting, you mean it makes you feel less worried or unhappy. My mother had just died and I found the book very comforting. Synonyms: consoling, encouraging, cheering, reassuring More Synonyms of comforting.

Can a person be comforting?

We get upset or anxious and some people in our lives are better than others at comforting us. … Once in a while, a special type of person will come into your life – a “comfort person”. Somehow this person is able to stop even the worst anxiety or depressive episode right in its tracks.

How do you comfort a friend?

To comfort an unhappy friend, it might be better to tell him or her that you would be sad, too, if you were going through what they are. “Tell them ‘I’m here for you’, and reassure them that ‘it’s okay to cry’,” Borschel says.

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR SOOTHEallay.alleviate.assuage.be enough.blunt.calm.compose.conciliate.More items…

What is a synonym for comforted?

amenity, contentment, enjoyment, satisfaction, convenience, well-being, luxury, relaxation, pleasure, warmth, happiness, relief, solace, compassion, encouragement, sympathy, consolation, delight, console, assuage.

What are three synonyms for comfort?

Synonyms foramenity.contentment.convenience.enjoyment.luxury.relaxation.satisfaction.well-being.

What is a antonym for comfort?

Antonyms: discomfort, uncomfortableness. Synonyms: consolation, comfortableness, quilt, ease, solace, comforter, puff. comfort(noun)

Is comfort an emotion?

As a noun, Google defines comfort as either a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint, or consolation for grief or anxiety. … Apparently comfort, and its variation comfortable, are not emotions. Yet clearly when we are in a state of comfort, some positive emotion is involved.