Quick Answer: Can Mutual Friends See Private Events?

Why does Facebook recommend friends with no mutual friends?

If you see a suggestion with no mutual friends, keep in mind that some people have their friends list set to private.

This means that some suggestions who are friends of friends may not show the friends you have in common.

You may also see some suggestions for people you don’t have any mutual friends with on Facebook..

Do private events show up on newsfeed?

Hi Matthew, If you create a private event, only those who are invited will see the event information in their News Feeds and receive notifications regarding the event.

Can someone tell if I look at their Facebook page a lot?

No, Facebook doesn’t let people track who views their profile. Third-party apps also can’t provide this functionality. If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app.

Can friends on Facebook see what I like?

3 Answers. The privacy of your like is dependent on the privacy of your friend’s post. if they only share the post with you, then you liking it will only appear in your friend’s activity feed/newsfeed. If they share it with a group of friends it will appear only in that group of friends’ activity feed/newsfeed.

How can you tell if someone has you on restricted on Facebook?

You can check this easily, go to the person’s profile and look for the empty space at the top of their profile. The empty space shows the gap between the public and the private posts, and if you cannot view the some of the posts of the person, then it means you have been added to the restricted list.

How do you make an event private on Facebook app?

To create a private event in the Facebook for Android app:Tap then tap Events.Tap Create. Only invited guests will see your event. … Fill in the event name, date and time of the event, location and details. You can choose to let guests invite friends or add co-hosts to your event.Tap CREATE.

Can you do a private Facebook live?

Facebook Live was already functional for use with Facebook Pages via Switcher Studio. Now, Facebook Live now works for Groups, meaning that you can stream to a specific Group of your choosing. This opens the door for more private and intimate live videos that are visible to only select people.

Can people see if you’re going to a private event on Facebook?

If it’s a private event, everyone invited to the event is able to see if you’re going. People who aren’t invited can’t view who’s attending, the event description, event discussion, photos or videos.

Can friends of friends see my posts?

If your friends likes or comments on your posts the friends friend can see what their friend have liked or commented on but mainly it would be on your public posts not the ones that set to friends only or yourself. For your friends friend not to see it change your settings for posts to friends only.

Can I change an event from public to private on Facebook?

To make an event private, click “Edit” at the top right of your event and choose “Invite Only” from the privacy dropdown menu.

How do I turn on post approval in my private Facebook event?

You may have to click See More. Click your event below Your Upcoming Events. Click Edit to the right. Scroll down to Event Page Options and check the box next to Posts must be approved by a host or co-host….to approve the post.to delete the post.to delete the post and remove the person from the event.

Why does FB not show all mutual friends?

3 Answers. The number of mutual friends now includes mutual friends whose accounts have been disabled, but these friends are not displayed. Also, if the person’s full list of friends is hidden to you, a mutual friend who also has their full list of friends hidden to you will not be displayed as a mutual friend.

Can you hide friends on Facebook from your spouse?

In Custom privacy window, go to Don’t share with and type the names of both of your friends who you want to hide from one another. You can also just type one name in there if it’s just one person that you want to prevent from seeing your Facebook friends.