Question: Why Cant I See Who Shared My Post?

How can I see who shared my post?

It’s just as simple to do.

Go to the post in question, such as on a Facebook page or friend’s account, then select Share.

You’ll see a list of the people who have shared the post.

Depending on the person’s privacy settings, you might not see everyone who has shared the post..

Do you get notified when someone shares your post?

On Instagram, you can screenshot user post and stories and they are never notified. You can share user posts through a number of different methods(text, DM, copy link, etc.) and they will not be notified. The only way a user is notified of your activity is if you like their content or view their story.

Does TikTok tell you who shared your video?

Does Tik Tok notify you when someone shares your video? … TikTok does not notify you if someone shares your video, nor do they tell you who.

Who saved my post on Instagram app?

Unfortunately there is no such app at the moment that allows you to see specific people that have saved your Instagram posts. The best you can get at the moment is to convert your personal profile into a business or creator one in settings and view the insights of an individual post.

Can you see who watches your Tik Toks?

To see who views your TikTok go to the TikTok and tap on Notification tab, and then “Visitor Log”. Note that this log will appear only if anyone has visited your TikTok page. Here you will see the names of those who have visited your TikTok profile page.

Do you get notified if someone shares your post on Facebook?

Why doesn’t Facebook notify you when someone shares your post? … Furthermore, it could be your Facebook account settings. Another possibility would be, the person or people who share your post you may have be ‘unfollow’ them and thus you will not get their alerts.

How do I see my top shares on Facebook?

Go to your Page and click Insights in the left menu. Click Reach on the left. Select Start and End dates in the top right. Scroll down to Reactions, Comments, Shares and More or Reactions.

How can I see who shared my post on Instagram 2020?

Here’s how!First, you have to click the three-dot symbol found in the upper right corner of your post.Scroll menu and click on View Story Reshares. It will be the first option in the list.After that, a screen will come with the title Current Public Reshares.Here you will be able to see who has shared your story.

How can I see who shared my event?

Go to , type in the name of your event, then hit enter.You’ll then see a list of everyone who shared anything with your event’s name.For example, if you type in “Dreamforce,” you’ll get this:More items…

Why can’t I see who shared my post on Instagram?

Unfortunately, regular users can’t see who has shared their Instagram posts. … To see this number, go to your business Instagram page, open one of the posts that you like, and then tap on “View Insights.” As you can see, in post insights, you can check the number of people who shared your photos.

Can I see who saved my Instagram post?

Unlike when someone likes one of your posts on Instagram, you won’t get a notification for when someone saves a post to an Instagram Collection. The only way to see who saves your pictures on Instagram is to view a post’s advanced insights, which are available to those with Business or Creator accounts.

What’s the most shared video on TikTok?

The biggest video on TikTok comes from a TikTok account called @JustMaiko. It features him dancing on a public escalator to the song Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira. But at the end of the video, he plays a funny prank. The video has had a huge 25.2 million likes and 247 million views.

Can you track shares on Facebook?

Now you can track Facebook shares with relative ease! One more thing: You don’t access the Insights for Domain stats from your Page’s own Insights dashboard. You will check your share statistics at , where a new “Domains” section will appear.