Question: What Is The Synonym Of COSY?

What’s another word for COSY?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cozy, like: snug, comfy, homey, intimate, comfortable, cosy, chatty, cheerful, congenial, contented and covering..

What is the antonym of COSY?

What is the opposite of cosy?distantunfriendlyforbiddingunemotionalremotespiritlessdrearycomfortlessfrigidlonely10 more rows

What is another word for cost?

Synonyms of costcharge,disbursement,expenditure,expense,outgo,outlay.

What is the synonym for scanty?

SYNONYMS. meagre, scant, minimal, limited, modest, restricted, sparse. tiny, small, paltry, negligible, insufficient, inadequate, deficient, sketchy, too few, too little, too small, not enough, poor. thin, thinning. scarce, in short supply, thin on the ground, few and far between.

What is the meaning of COSY?

comfortable and pleasantcosy adjective (COMFORTABLE) comfortable and pleasant, especially (of a building) because of being small and warm: This room is nice and cosy in the winter.

Is comfy a word?

adjective, com·fi·er, com·fi·est. Informal. comfortable.