Question: What Is The Opposite Of Discrepancy?

Does discrepancy mean difference?

Discrepancy definitions.

Divergence or disagreement, as between facts or claims; difference.

Discrepancy is defined as a difference or inconsistency.

An example of discrepancy is a bank statement that has a different balance than your own records of the account..

What’s another word for discrepancy?

SYNONYMS FOR discrepancy 1 incongruity, disagreement, discordance, contrariety, variance. 2 variation.

What is the discrepancy?

A discrepancy is a lack of agreement or balance. If there is a discrepancy between the money you earned and the number on your paycheck, you should complain to your boss. There is a discrepancy when there is a difference between two things that should be alike.

How do you use discrepancy in a sentence?

Discrepancy in a Sentence 🔉The police were confused by the discrepancy between the testimonies of the two witnesses who saw the same event. … Because of a discrepancy in the witness’ testimony, the defense attorney has asked the judge to drop the charges against his client.More items…

What does similarity mean?

the state of being similar; likeness; resemblance. an aspect, trait, or feature like or resembling another or another’s: a similarity of diction.

What does considerate mean?

adjective. showing kindly awareness or regard for another’s feelings, circumstances, etc.: a very considerate critic. carefully considered; deliberate. marked by consideration or reflection; deliberate; prudent.

How do we use similarity?

Similarity sentence examplesThere is a marked similarity to them. … Her longtime friend was impossible to read, as usual, and she saw the similarity in features between him and Andre.More items…

What is an example of similarity?

One grouping principle or rule is “similarity” which refers to the tendency for humans to group together objects or stimuli that seem similar to each other. … For example, what do you see here: $$$$$ 88888 !!!!! Most people would say they see 5 dollar signs followed by 5 number 8’s, and 5 exclamation points.

What is the opposite meaning of discrepancy?

discrepancy. Antonyms: consonance, harmony, accordance, agreement, correspondence. Synonyms: dissonance, disharmony, discord, contrariety, disagreement, difference, variation.

What is the opposite of consider?

turn over in one’s mind: reject, neglect, refuse, ignore, discard, dismiss, leave, forget, abandon, look away, disregard.

What is the opposite of attract?

attract(v) Antonyms: repel, repulse, alienate, deter. Synonyms: allure, entice, draw, decoy, interest, engage, induce.

What is another word for did?

In this page you can discover 55 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for did, like: served, answered, come, fared, exercised, practiced, made, performed, managed, executed and caused.

What causes discrepancy?

Frequent causes of inventory discrepancy Most inventory discrepancies are caused by human error or flaws in inventory control procedures. They can vary from shrinkage through to theft, misplaced stock to simply by placing inventory stock in the wrong location.

Is discrepancy negative?

Discrepancy and Unresolved are even. One is a positive and one is a negative. There is a Discrepancy and an Unresolved amount in account reconciliation for the same amount, but opposite values.

What are the similarities and difference?

A similarity is a sameness or alikeness. When you are comparing two things — physical objects, ideas, or experiences — you often look at their similarities and their differences. Difference is the opposite of similarity. Both squares and rectangles have four sides, that is a similarity between them.