Question: What Is The Meaning Of Irrelevant?

What does it mean when someone is irrelevant?


The definition of irrelevant is defined as something that doesn’t apply, or is not related to the subject.

An example of irrelevant is a 2012 calendar to find a moon’s phase in March of 2013.

An example of irrelevant is someone saying it’s noon when asked for the temperature outside..

Is irrelevant a real word?

Irregardless is a nonstandard synonym for regardless, which means “without concern as to advice, warning, or hardship,” or “heedless.” Its nonstandard status is due to the double negative construction of the prefix ir- with the suffix -less. … The bottom line is that irregardless is indeed a word, albeit a clunky one.

What does irrelevant mean in court?

not importantadj. not important, pertinent, or germane to the matter at hand or to any issue before the court. This is the most common objection raised by attorneys to questions asked or to answers given during testimony in a trial.

What is the best synonym for irreverent?

irreverentdisrespectful, disdainful, scornful, contemptuous, derisive, disparaging.insolent, impudent, impertinent, cheeky, flippant, flip, insubordinate, presumptuous, forward.rude, impolite, discourteous, uncivil, insulting, abusive.

What does trifling mean?

adjective. of very little importance; trivial; insignificant: a trifling matter. of small value, cost, or amount: a trifling sum.

What is the definition of tangential?

adjective. pertaining to or of the nature of a tangent; being or moving in the direction of a tangent. merely touching; slightly connected: tangential information. divergent or digressive, as from a subject under consideration: tangential remarks.

What does you’re so irrelevant mean?

If you’re talking about hockey and someone keeps trying to mention football, you might describe their comments as irrelevant. Irrelevant means not related to the subject at hand. If a rock star becomes irrelevant, it means people are not relating––or even listening––to his music anymore.

What are immaterial things?

Things that are immaterial have no physical form (like a ghost) or are unimportant (like most ghost stories). Something that’s material has substance, right? … So the opposite is the word immaterial, which means something that doesn’t matter, or has no physical substance, or which adds nothing to the subject at hand.

What’s another word for irrelevant?

In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for irrelevant, like: inapropros, impertinent, inapplicable, inconsequential, inconsequent, foreign, unrelated, not germane, unimportant, inconsequentiality and inappropriate.

Why do idiots say irregardless?

“Irregardless” is used by people who haven’t studied. “Sheep” is used by people who have. You don’t hate the word, you hate people who use it – and you don’t want it to be legitimised, because it means that ignorance would be legitimised, and oh no, they would win.

Is Ain’t a word?

The word ain’t is a contraction for am not, is not, are not, has not, and have not in the common English language vernacular. In some dialects ain’t is also used as a contraction of do not, does not, and did not. … The usage of ain’t is a continuing subject of controversy in English.

Is irrelevant proper English?

irrelevant | Intermediate English not related to what is being discussed or considered: These documents are totally irrelevant to the investigation.

What is the meaning of irrelevant in English?

: not relevant : inapplicable that statement is irrelevant to your argument. Other Words from irrelevant Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about irrelevant.

Does irrelevant mean not important?

If you say that something is irrelevant, you mean that it is not important to or not connected with the present situation or discussion.

What is the difference between immaterial and irrelevant?

IMMATERIAL FACTS Facts not relevant or essential to the matter at bar, one that will not affect… RELEVANT EVIDENCE Having relevancy or a reasonable connection with the matter in issue or at trial. Having… … IRRELEVANT In the law of evidence.

How do you use immaterial in a sentence?

Examples of immaterial in a Sentence Whether or not he intended to cause problems is immaterial. The fact that she is a woman is immaterial and irrelevant.