Question: What Happens When I Like A Facebook Post?

Can my friends see if I like a post on Facebook?

All friends can see it and all the others who want to look for all the people who liked the post.

Everyone can see if they are look for it.

But only your friends will get that feed in profile for that page like “you gave liked this post”..

How can you tell if someone has you restricted on Facebook?

You can check this easily, go to the person’s profile and look for the empty space at the top of their profile. The empty space shows the gap between the public and the private posts, and if you cannot view the some of the posts of the person, then it means you have been added to the restricted list.

When you like a page on Facebook What can they see?

Liking a page does not grant the page admins access to your status updates, friends list, or other information on your wall or profile if it is not already visible to Everyone. They will have access to your name, profile picture, gender, networks, and Facebook username and uid; these are always visible to Everyone.

Why do people react to their own posts?

The reason people react to this as being wierd is because of the attachment people have to the number of like you get per post on this social media platforms. Liking your own picture looks like cheating in order to increase your likes.

Can I like my own page?

You cannot! There is no reason because everybody likes his/her own content anyway 🙂 However, there is a time-consuming way to do it. You have to create a new profile on Facebook link your page to this profile and unlink your page from your real profile.

Can people see my likes on Facebook?

3. Click the pencil icon, then select “Edit the Privacy of Your Likes.” 4. … Now, only you can see your Likes in that particular category.

Why do I have more followers than likes on my Facebook page?

The main reason why you have more likes than followers is that some people have chosen to unfollow your page. They want to continue to show that they like your brand, and by keeping their page like in place, they can do things like enter your contests on Gleam or have your brand show up in their list of liked pages.

Does Facebook post when you like a page?

Their posts will begin showing up in your newsfeed, but they (the page) have no access to it. They cannot see your friends posts or other pages you’ve liked (unless that information is public on your profile, and they physically go look for that information).

Why would you like your own post on Facebook?

So when you like your own status, you increase the score of your post, and make it more likely that people will see it. So when you’re looking at your Facebook stats, liking your own posts is a good way to increase the “reach” of your post (ie, the number of people who actually see it.)

When you like a photo on Facebook who sees it?

Your friends can see ALL the photos you’ve liked on Facebook — whether you like it or not. It’s official. Facebook is the ultimate place to go if you want to be embarrassed. Anyone and everyone on your friend list can peruse through all the photos you’ve ever liked on Facebook.

Should I like my own post?

liking your own posts is effectively playing the system. Still, you are allowed to interact with your own posts. I prefer to see it as voting for yourself in an election. Further, for the tactic to even work, your content must be valuable and relevant to your audience.