Question: Can You Edit A Post On Facebook Without Deleting It?

How do you edit a boosted post on Facebook without deleting it?

Unfortunately, once Facebook reviews and approves your ad or boosted post, you can’t edit the text directly.

However, there is a hack to edit the text without canceling the ad and losing all its data.

Go to your Ads Manager.

Open your ad..

How do you edit or delete a post on Facebook?

How to Remove and Edit Facebook Updates and CommentsFind the status update or comment on your timeline (or go to your timeline and click the Activity Log button).Click the arrow in the top-left corner and select edit or delete.Edit or delete a comment as follows: To remove your own comment: Click the pencil icon and choose Edit or Delete.

Can I edit a Facebook post after boosting it?

Because Facebook doesn’t easily allow you to edit a boosted post, most users delete the entire post and re-create it. … Confirm that you do want to delete the boosted Facebook post. Now, your post is ready to edit! Click the down arrow and edit as normal, making your changes as needed.

How do I edit a comment I posted on Facebook?

To edit a comment, just tap on the comment you want to edit, then choose “Edit Comment.” Once you’re done editing your comment, tap the Update button and you’re all set. To edit a post, tap on your post, then choose “Edit Post.” After editing your post, tap on the Save button.

How do you hide edit history on Facebook?

You can’t. This is there to protect other users so that if you edit your post after someone else has reacted or commented on it you can’t make their response look out of line, like they are being unreasonable, rude, etc. You can however, delete your post and it’s reactions completely and re-post it in edited form.

Can I hide a post on Facebook without deleting it?

You may be able to hide some posts (example: cover photo updates, profile picture) from your Page’s timeline. When you hide a post, it will be removed from your Page, but not from your Page’s activity log.

Why can I not edit my Facebook post?

And one more thing to keep in mind is that Facebook posts which have been boosted, or are part of an ad campaign, cannot be edited. To edit a post, simply tap/click on the three dots in the top right of the post window and select ‘Edit Post’. once you’ve made the required changes, select ‘Save’ and that’s it.

How do you edit someone else’s Facebook post?

To edit a post that you’ve shared from your Page:Go to the post.Click in the top right and select Edit post.Edit your post and click Save.

How do I change the text in a Facebook post after posting?

To edit or delete your story highlights:From your News Feed, tap your profile picture in the top left.Scroll down to Story Highlights and press and hold your story highlight.Tap Delete Highlight or Edit Highlight and follow the steps.