How Social Media Is Safe?

Why should you be concerned for safety in using social media?

Security is as important for one’s social network account as it is for their computer or any other account.

Creating a strong password will prevent hackers from gaining access to one’s account and using it to post spam or malicious attacks..

What are 3 risks of social media?

ContentsSocial networks and their dangers: likes are addictive.Privacy and messaging: bullying in the digital age.Facebook and the dangers of data trafficking: spreading personal information.Reputation damage: public content can be seen by everyone – including your boss.More items…•

Why social media is not secure?

Most social media platforms take advantage of the users’ information. … In his opinion, user accounts can easily be hacked, which could lead to several issues. If a public figure’s account was hacked, the hackers could use the data to change or divert public trends.

What are the threats of social media?

11 social media threats and scams to watch out forLikejacking/clickjacking. … Fake giveaways. … Unbelievable news that’s really malware. … Fake friends or followers. … Catfishing/dating scams. … Cyberbullying and abuse. … Fake apps loaded with viruses or real apps that will sell your data. … 8 ways to protect your private information online:

How can I use social media wisely?

How to Use Social Media ResponsiblyBe Friends with Your Parents.Consider the “Front Yard Test”Remember That the Internet Never Forgets.Take an Inventory of Your Time.Check Your Emotions.Make Wise Decisions About Followers & Friends.T.H.I.N.K.Be Wary of Oversharing.More items…•