How Do You Describe Cozy?

What is the meaning of cozy mood?

The adjective cozy describes being comfortable and warm, like when you feel cozy curled up on the couch under a soft blanket, in front of a roaring fire.

“Isn’t this cozy?” If you hear these words, you might be in a friendly, casual place where everyone feels welcome..

When people say your house is cozy?

If It Says: “Cozy,” “Intimate” or “Quaint” But in reality, these likely mean the place is small or even tiny. That’s too bad, really, says agent Rebecca Brooksher of Warburg Realty in New York City. She considers it a great word that’s gotten a bad rap.

What does sheltered mean?

adjective. protected or shielded from storms, missiles, etc., by a wall, roof, barrier, or the like. protected from the troubles, annoyances, sordidness, etc., encountered in competitive situations: a sheltered life.

Is cozy a real word?

Cozy is the standard American English spelling of the word, so if you are an American writer, you will want to use this spelling exclusively. Cozy was first used in English in 1709. It comes from a Norwegian term with roughly the same meaning.

What does Symposiarch mean?

noun. the president, director, or master of a symposium.

How do you use the word mistake in a sentence?

Mistake sentence examplesI won’t make the mistake I made with you before. … I made a really bad mistake and I don’t know what to do. … Maybe it was a mistake to come here. … Only a mistake would give the Others away and might be all that stood between life and death. … Sometimes I make a mistake and do the wrong thing. … He made a mistake, Cassie.More items…

Is cozily a word?

Meaning of cozily in English. in a comfortable, warm, and pleasant way: She was lying on the couch, wrapped cozily in her favorite blanket .

Is cozy and comfortable the same?

As adjectives the difference between cozy and comfortable is that cozy is affording comfort and warmth; snug; social while comfortable is (obsolete) comforting, providing comfort; consolatory.

What is a cozy girl?

“A cozy girl is someone who puts their comfort first without jeopardizing her style. She dresses smart, not trendy.

What does comfortable mean?

producing or affording physical comfort, support, or ease: a comfortable chair; comfortable shoes. being in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease: to be comfortable in new shoes; I don’t feel comfortable in the same room with her. (of a person, situation, etc.)

What does being cozy mean?

warm and comfortableadjective. The definition of cozy is warm and comfortable. An example of cozy is the feeling of a soft, warming blanket on a cold winter’s day.

What is another word for cozy?

What is another word for cozy?comfortablewarmsnugcheerfulcomfyhomelikehomeyinvitingpleasantrestful78 more rows

What does apologia mean?

An apologia (Latin for apology, from Greek ἀπολογία, “speaking in defense”) is a formal defense of an opinion, position or action.

What is an aerie?

noun, plural aer·ies. the nest of a bird of prey, as an eagle or a hawk. a lofty nest of any large bird. a house, fortress, or the like, located high on a hill or mountain: They felt protected from invaders in the hilltop aerie.

What part of speech is cozy?

cozy (cosy)part of speech:adjectiverelated words:chatty, easy, intimate, warmWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurepart of speech:intransitive verbinflections:cozies, cosies, cozying, cosying, cozied, cosied12 more rows

How do you use cozy in a sentence?

Examples of cozy in a Sentence Adjective The room was warm and cozy. We had a cozy dinner with the whole family. I spent a cozy evening reading in front of the fire. He claims that there is a cozy arrangement between the police and the drug dealers.

Is comfy a word?

adjective, com·fi·er, com·fi·est. Informal. comfortable.