Can You Hide Activity Log On Facebook?

Where is recent activity on Facebook?

To view your activity log:Click in the top right of Facebook.Select Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.Click Filter at the top left of your activity log to review activities like: Things you’ve posted.

Posts you’ve hidden from your timeline.

Click Save Changes..

How do I clear my activity log on Facebook on the mobile app?

You’ll need to go to your profile, or timeline. While there, scroll the About, Friends, and Photos thumbnails over until you see an Activity Log thumbnail. Once you select Activity Log, you’ll be able to view, edit, or delete any unwanted activity from your timeline by tapping on the arrow next to the item.

How do you remove a friend from your Activity Log on Facebook?

To do it, click on the Edit icon (shaped as a pencil) and select “Unlike” if you are dealing with a “Like” mark, “Unfriend” — if you are removing someone from the friend list, or “Delete” if you want to remove your reaction to a post. As a result, such activity will be removed from the log.

How do I remove a friend from my activity log on Facebook?

Found this on FB,Open your activity log , click More, and then select Search from the left column.Click next to the search entry you want to remove.Click Delete.

How can I hide my activity on messenger?

Fire up the Messenger app, and then tap the “People” tab—it’s the second one from the left. Next, tap the “Active” tab at the top. Tap the toggle to the right of your name to disable your active status.

How do I hide my activity on Facebook 2020?

Login to your Personal Profile;Account > Privacy Settings > “Connecting on Facebook” click on “View Settings”;In the dropdown box next to “See your likes, activities and other connections” select “Custom” and then in the “Make this visible to” select “Only Me” from the dropdown list then “Save Setting”.

How do I control who sees my activity log on Facebook?

From any Facebook page, click the lock icon next to “Home” in the top bar. Then select “See More Settings.” In the left sidebar, select “Apps.” The middle column displays the audience that can see the activity from that application, like Public or Friends.

Can you delete your Activity Log on Facebook?

While you can’t completely delete your Facebook Activity Log in with one click, you can clear your Activity Log on Facebook by removing each individual activity record. Your Facebook Activity Log is a record of all of your activity on the platform, from Likes to comments to to new friend connections.